The legendary late model Dodge street hemi engine of 426 cubic inches is a cast iron , deeply webbed and immensely rigid engine which carried a bullet proof forged steel crankshaft.


Running big crank journals, massive drop forged con rods , a full set of forged alloy pistons, Mopar carefully planned the dimensions of this engine to provide peak horsepower.

A bore size of 4.25 inches ( 107.95 mm ) was matched with a short stroke of just 3.75 inches     ( 95.55 mm) , for an all up capacity of 426 cubes.

The 426 hemi engine of the 1971 year , as a street engine on 10.2 compression , produced 425 bhp at 5,000 rpm.

Torque was 490 foot pounds at 4,000 rpms.

New street hemi blocks, cast iron heads and all other production pieces including complete engines are now available direct from " Mopar Performance".

( Acknowledgments: Photo courtesy of  " Mopar Performance Products " and is used for illustration purposes only ) 



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