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Turbo Help/Direction/Advice
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fendered freddy

Joined: 04 Feb 2021
Posts: 14

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2021 10:56 am    Post subject:

okay first 'guest' was me. i forgot to log in.

and no choco i don't want to beat you up i was just saying that in driving terms a SBC has more than enough grunt to get a heavy car moving until the turbos kick in - i won't deny that a s/c setup will still be a powerful alternative - and is probably well mated to an automatic transmission - but for manual drivers like me twin turbos are the only way to go.

Malcomsp has hit the nail on the head. there are no right or wrong answers. but there is no way someone can say that, even generally, that s/c is better than turbos - or turbos better than s/c.

s/c-ing is neater. that's a given. but for those with bonnets like me, i'll choose a turbo'd V8 anyday.

and since when has a rodder been afraid of a bit of work to get more power....?
need a 37 ford.
that is all.
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Joined: 14 Jun 2021
Posts: 936
Location: Georges Hall, NSW

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2021 10:07 am    Post subject:

It's no secret I'm a turbo fan....The modern units wind up a hell of a lot faster than the early units. Two smaller turbos off any number of Jap cars could be adapted. As "guest" said. treat the two banks as seperate with the only common connection into the manifold. You could adapt the EFI with a MAP sensor thats set up for positive boost. You may need to go with bigger injectors and pump, but that'll probably depend on how much boost you intend to run. The donk will be set up as if its was a blown engine. ( blower pistons, 4 bolt bottom end...etc )...Its been done many times to V8s with very good results.The plumbing would be easy...just some exhaust pipe bending and oil lines to the turbos and Bobs your uncle.....I had a 6/71 mega blower on the 327 and yeah it went well...but it was hard to surprise anyone with this thing sticking outa the bonnet it was expected to go hard....but a turbo is stealth, it just appeals to me.....A blower is a cod peace, if you get my drift
See ya
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Joined: 18 Jun 2021
Posts: 216
Location: Darwin

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2021 11:18 am    Post subject:

TT is the go..... a mate with TT efi winza in 69 stang has done the whole thing himself, standard exhaust manifolds reversed to face the front, 2 hairdryer thingys off a 300zx(single turbo model/ as they are larger).... he has water injection rather than an intercooler because of the chassis No's being flash and not wanting to cut the front sheet metal. This has been done very cheaply.....A RAAFy up here has copied the Stang in his 355 Commondoor running LPG instead. They are basic setups with little $$$

Run near standandard cams, no need for big valve springs, rollers or big revs.... Thus reliable 500hp on low boost for the street.

as said before Fuellers HAVE to run blowers due to USA redneck based rules. Things will change, but will take time due to dinosaurs running the show. EFI is out but Mech FI is in due to the same reason.
( they tell you it keeps costs down.... frog shit.... Seppo's just aren't on the ball with techanolology fings)
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Joined: 12 Jun 2021
Posts: 289
Location: West Aust.

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2021 11:49 am    Post subject:

haha, now I'm starting to hear what I was hoping to hear

Ahh yeah a decent homebrew setup but of a good design that's workable is very appealing.
Pep- cod peice...ahh yeah I hear ya, but to be honest I must fall prey to that scenario as I kinda still would like one cause it doesn't say hot rod, it yells it. I think maybe it's a sign of age or something that the reserved side of me says go for a sedate unassuming hidden under the bonnet system like TT.

Then again could be the clever smart alec side that finds the fun, hilarious fun of the the stealth factor just too hard to go past haha!

I know the engine shops prolly can do me the whole work & there'll prolly be a dozen things they'd be able to do to shave of a poofteenth of a wrist flick & give a fractional power increase, but really not entirely necessary. If it can give me good reliable putt-putt around town (very streetable) that even my dear ol' Mum can handle, but then give the good ol' fashion kick in the pants launch that dear ol' Dad would love just to make Mum scream...well that's the picture.
Intercooler/H2O injection etc is something I'm chasing down now but as for the plumbing I figure it's nothing a poor ol' ploughboy can't handle given enough time & trys.
I built my own 4WD tractor so should be able to handle this...factor in the learning curves (a.k.a. stuff ups! haha)

I have a few papers here on cams for turbo engines & will sit down & go thru alot of the other info I have & see what sort of motor I can come up with (on paper)

I know of one TT Commodore that was a homebrew adaption using parts from other cars & unique/cheap fabrication (think the term is hot rod approach haha) but haven't seen it & can't track it.
I don't have to conform with a set formula or bracket/class criteria so as long as it works well & looks to be made properly and is safe and legal, well not worried it 5 cars make up the parts list. It doesn't have to be the best adaption, just the best for me...if that makes sense

Thanks greatly guys. If you come up with anything more, chime in!!

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fendered freddy

Joined: 04 Feb 2021
Posts: 14

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2021 4:35 pm    Post subject:

mate, if you can build a 4WD tractor, then you can build anything IMO.

whatever you choose, just do it right in the first place and there will be no regrets.
need a 37 ford.
that is all.
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