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Chevrolet Engine Codes

L26 230 cid 140 HP L6 1BC non-SS
L22 250 cid 155 HP L6 1BC non-SS
Z28 302 cid 290 HP V8 4BC Z-28 only (HP underrated!)
L14 307 cid 200 HP V8 2BC non-SS, 1969 only
LF7 327 cid 210 HP V8 2BC non-SS, eliminated during 1969
L30 327 cid 275 HP V8 4BC non-SS, 1967-68 only
L65 350 cid 250 HP V8 2BC non-SS, 1969 only
LM1 350 cid 255 HP V8 4BC non-SS, regular fuel, 1969 only
L48 350 cid 295 HP V8 4BC SS only, rated 300HP in 1969
L35 396 cid 325 HP V8 4BC SS only, Q-Jet
L34 396 cid 350 HP V8 4BC SS only, Q-Jet
L78 396 cid 375 HP V8 4BC SS only, Holley
L78/L89 396 cid 375 HP V8 4BC SS only, Holley, Al head
L72 427 cid 425 HP V8 4BC COPO 9561, cast iron
ZL1 427 cid 430 HP V8 4BC COPO 9560, Al block/heads

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