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Differential Identification

Most rear end housings can be identified by carefully observing the bolt pattern on the rear end cover gasket. The chart below will enable you to identify some of the most common rear ends.

GM Rear Ends
GM 10-Bolt
(7.2" ring gear)
GM 10-Bolt
(7.5" ring gear)
GM 10-Bolt
(8.2" or 8.5" ring rear)
GM 10-Bolt
(8.2" or 8.5" ring gear)
GM 12-Bolt
(8.875" ring gear) Truck
GM 12-Bolt
(8.875" ring gear) Car
GM 9.5" GM 10.5" Truck


Ford Rear Ends
Ford 7.5" Ford 8.8"  


AMC and Chrysler Rear Ends
AMC Model 20 Chrysler 8.25" Chrysler 9.25"


Dana Rear Ends
Dana 25, 27, 30 Dana 28 Dana 35
Dana 44 Dana 60, 70, 80
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