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Dream Rod for December 2000.  1940 La Salle Sedan

We actually planned to build this 1940 La Salle (Cadillac) Australian body sedan (by Holden). Fit with a Series 2 XJ6 Jag front and rear end to give 4 wheel disc brakes, full independent suspension and power rack and pinion steering, then fit a late model Cadillac 472 and Turbo 400 auto for lots of torque and towing ability. The roof has then been chopped about 3 inches to bring the body into proportion and of course the car has been drastically lowered. The body and chrome work is otherwise absolutely original including the magnificent La Salle grille! A classy leather interior would be fitted for comfort and that beautiful smell. Centreline wheels complete the look. This would be the rarest and classiest family rod at the rod run! The only minor problem is that only 10 of these cars were ever actually made RHD. (Although we do have two of these for genuine sale  - see the Cyber Swap Meet)

This is our first dream rod feature done with Adobe PhotoShop and lots of patience! We will try to do one a month. If you have any suggestions for a dream rod let us know at or send us some good pictures and we will see what we can do! We will chop and drop almost anything! This is actually a good way to see if those plans you had really do look okay before you go beyond the point of no return.

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