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Bench Racing

Well first we started of with the Old Forum, it was good but people complained about the popups and the ads.

So I developed the New Forum, with different rooms for different things.

Only trouble is, now some of the older vistors are saying they prefer the old forum.
Cheez! Go figure! So here we are not just one, but two of the best darn places to ask your dumbest questions or brag about what you got or where you've been.
Enjoy =8^)

Where does the term "bench racing" come from, I hear you ask? Well I'm not real sure, but it has a lot to do with hot rodders propensity to tell a yarn whilst consuming a few beverages. Trouble is, a bit like fishermen, the longer the talking goes on the faster they went, or the deeper the paint or the rarer it was. But that's half the fun...

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