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Hosting, Domain and Design Prices

Hot-Rod Internet Package

You will have 2  professional and easy to remember web
addresses (both addresses will go to the same site) such as &

Single page $25 per year*
1 MB space $30 per year*
5 MB space $75 per year*

Domain Name Package

For Australian or International domain names, e.g. or

Domain Name $140 per 2 years*
Hosting Fees $140 per year (50 MB)*

Your total cost 1st year $280*


$299 pa plus #49 setup fee plus GST

Basic Hosting - Low to Medium Bandwidth Commercial Sites $8.80 (inc GST) / month - payable 6 months in advance
Advanced Hosting - Heavy Bandwidth Commercial Sites from $22.00 (inc GST) / month - payable 6 months in advance

                        2nd year $275*
each subsequent year $337.50* (average)

*All prices were current as of 15th Nov 1999 and are subject to change. These prices also do not include design costs.

Web Design Costs

Web page design rates vary depending on your individual requirements, however to design a single page with up to 3 photos or graphics for our single page package is $100. For multiple pages or updates we normally work on an hourly rate of $35 hour. Multiple pages are much more cost efficient and not a great deal more expensive unless you specifically want a different theme and background on each page. We prefer to use a consistent theme on each page. This has many advantages including;
1. Page loading is much quicker between pages.
2. The site has a consistent format and is easier to read and navigate.
3. We only have to design the theme, buttons graphics etc. once.
4. It saves us a lot of time and you a lot of money!

We can scan your existing photographs, designs, logos etc for use on the site or we can photograph items for you. We can also publish web sites for Hot-Rod clubs or individual hot-rodders at special rates. Inquire!

We are not just web page designers, we are active hot-rodders, and can present your product or service in a way that your target market knows and understands!

All prices are in Australian dollars.
For more information please e-mail or
See some samples of our work at the sites below.

  Kustom Computer and Photographic    &

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